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 Where mantis have also been found

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PostSubject: Where mantis have also been found   Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:58 pm


Ive heard the mantis name before they have come from the Midway arcade game Defender.

Defender the objective is to destroy all aliens and resuce the colonists.

They made a remake story line version of Defender in 2002.

There are many different planets and the final Planet is Earth where the mantis of Defender struck the hardest.

The mantis invasion began in the future on Mars which was called "The Battle of New York 2".

The mantis later dissapeared but came back after a worm hole opened after a human research star ship sent a fighter to investigate...

Ever since then the mantis took over many colonized planets and the only hope was to rescue all colonists before the mantis got to them....
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Where mantis have also been found
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