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 changes to CQ

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PostSubject: changes to CQ   Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:34 am


Conquest signal beacon can now be defended (No ship owned by the claiming clan must be near)
The map colours are changed (blue and yellow)
The landing zones to conquest planets have been extended to the entire planet
New Conquest planet in Vegas system: Dante
The conquests times have been changed to 2 or 3 times a week and unique to each planet:


Asteroids Wednesday and Saturday 21:00
Dante Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 19:00


Remo Monday and Friday 20:00
Goya Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 19:00


Desai Monday and Friday 19.00
Iga Tuesday and Saturday 20:00


Cosmo Tuesday and Saturday 19:00
Ob Wednesday and Saturday 21:00


Mercury Monday and Friday 20:00
Venus Saturday 21:00
Saturn Thursday and Saturday 20:00

Balancing of the conquest ship:

Speed is reduced
Blaster force reduced
Hit points increased
Repair Droid improved
Shield improved and duration extended
Stun Resistance increased
Afterburner speed reduced but duration increased
Attack charge has its power reduced and is no longer castable on self but only on friendly targets and has its duration significantly increased.
Speed actuator has been changed in the same way as the attack charge
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changes to CQ
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