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 the new update

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PostSubject: the new update   Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:45 am

these are all the things that have chnged since the update this morning

Sometimes the players were a plate or bar displays the life was no longer available or was never present
After the death of an enemy is no longer possible to fire another shot into the empty
Target computer fixed values, the calculation was partly wrong
Other minor bugs have been fixed
Players now have avatars and icons no longer ship in profile
From level 1 to level 10 the level cap is now increased to 1000. After level 10 they energy cap increases as normal
The warm-up phase of ship items has been reduced for the extended cooling somewhat.
Blasters, collectors and afterburner now have a shortened warm-up; as do two specific items from each individual ship classes:

Storm - Aim computers and rockets
Tank - Aim scrambler and Taunt
Stunner - Stun charge and speed actuator
Healer - Remote repair and repair field
Sniper - Attack charge and attack droid

Improvements and changes

The tutorial has been revised with a mentor guiding the first few missions
Vega system updated with new and revised planetary missions
New NPC's added and revised existing NPC's
Colonists incorporated into the game
Game history completely revised in Vega system
Vega planets renamed:

Vega 1 - Axiom
Vega 2 - Kalabesh
Vega 3 - Colossus
Vega3Moon - Lyris
Vega 4 - Aurora
Vega 5 - Dante
New design for Axiom, Lyris and Aurora
Vega intro images has been revised
New types of ships for colonists
New starter ship designs
New Cryonite drop system from podded opponents. Cryonite is now calculated not on the level difference to the opponent but on the technology difference. The higher the technology difference to the opponent, the less Cryonite the opponent will drop.
The warm-up phase of ship items has been reduced for the slightly extended cool-down
The Critical hit flash has been further reduced
Energy, Cryonite and Blueprints are now scannable. Thus, the quantity or nature of the design can be determined
The current version of the game is now a shown in the help section

User Interface Improvements

Redesigned user interface for ease of use information placement.
Icons of ship objects are disabled in a hangar and in orbit because they are not activated there
New Support Chat, direct contact with GMs that are online, if no one is to GM's online ticketing system or forum is referenced
Beginner Help: GMs can manually show help indicators in the the pilots screen i.e create flashes and/or arrows
Ship items can no longer be sold in the shop but only in the hangar
New design of the loading screen
New Mission page menu
The user interface controls that were passed from text are replaced with icons
The ranking in a separate window was moved
Items shop has been redesigned

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the new update
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